• Flashback Friday - realMyst: Masterpiece Edition

    Myst games have always emphasized the visuals, primarily art design over technicalities. This applies to realMyst: Masterpiece Edition as well. For a 2014 release its visuals are dated from a technical standpoint, yet still beautiful. It features a dynamic time of day cycle with lighting that looks pleasant, although the lighting alone falls a bit short of the beauty seen on better engines. This remake uses Unity engine so it is of course poorly optimized. It runs better if you first set it to minimum settings, and then afterwards setting it to your ideal settings.

    The art design of realMyst: Masterpiece Edition makes you forget about the somewhat dated technical graphics. The mesmerizing structures and terrain, the otherworldly feel, the color palette, it all makes the game look stunning. It would have been drop dead gorgeous, the stuff of dreams, if it had better technical graphics. Thankfully Cyan's next game, Obduction, uses Unreal Engine 4, which has inherently amazing graphics. It would be incredible if they remade Riven on UE4 as well.

    realMyst: Masterpiece Edition uses the same soundtrack as Myst, which won our award for Best Soundtrack of the 1990s despite being a synthesized score. It's a perfectly fitting score for a beautiful fantasy game that sometimes feels like a dream.

    As for sound effects, lovely and distinct ambient sounds are present in every map. Some of the puzzles rely on the player hearing specific things so the sound quality is important, and thankfully the game delivers here. The sound effects are of good quality and ambient sounds can sometimes be enveloping.

    There isn't a whole lot of voice acting, but when there is it's pretty good. It uses the same voice overs as the original Myst. Nothing award winning, but the performances fit the characters well. Some may take issue with the repetitive pauses used by Atrus's actor, but imperfect voice acting is to be expected of a 1990s game. The voice acting here is actually some of the best from the 1990s.

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      Awesome, I really need to play through this for old times sake. Loved the videos though. I didn't watch all of them though. I wanted to save some of the content for when I get around to playing through it. Great writeup!