• Gigabyte's New 3D BIOS Interface for X79 UEFI

    Launch of Sandy Bridge E Motherboards is growing closer and we are still seeing more leaked information The new UEFI Bios seems to be one of the most talked about features and today we got a first glimpse of the new UEFI Bios from Gigabyte called the new 3D BIOS for Gigabyte's upcoming X79 chipset motherboards. This is a simplified "3D" UI. Instead of navigating through lists and sublists of options, Gigabyte's new 3D BIOS interface shows an image of your motherboard with a few predefined, highlightable sections. You can hover over and click on the I/O ports, for example, to bring up a list of all options and configuration related. The same applies for SATA, PCI-E, memory, voltage regulators and the CPU socket. For those of you who don't prefer the 3D interface, there will still be an "advanced" mode which will look and feel like a traditional BIOS.

    Here are some of the images of the new 3D Bios from Gigabyte:

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    1. Jakdax's Avatar
      Jakdax -
      Where's the Apple logo?
    1. Jester's Avatar
      Jester -
      Now this is what a UEFI BIOS should look like. I can't wait to see if/how EVGA stepped up their BIOS. This is a nice improvement for Gigabyte.