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    QPAD 5K

    UK Price: £61.25
    US Price: $100.16

    The QPAD 5K, from the Swedish manufacturer of “pro gaming gear” is ideally suited for the palm grip due to its moulded shape. Its wide body incorporates 7 conveniently located buttons of which 5 are programmable using the supplied software. The scroll wheel is lit by a blue LED which can be turned off in the software. Aside from the left and right mouse buttons and the scroll wheel/middle mouse button, there are two thumb buttons which default as forward and backward whilst browsing. The final two buttons can be found at the base of the scroll wheel, switching between the high and low DPI settings, which can be fine-tuned in the software.

    As you would expect, the sensor is on the underside of the mouse though unusually in the form of a Class 1 laser. This provides a sensitivity resolution of over 5000 CPI (counts per inch), a max speed of 3.8m/s and even a max acceleration of 30G (30 times gravity). It comes with a 2 metre braided USB cable for extra durability and a gold plated USB connector for greater conductivity.

    The base of the mouse makes sliding it across your mousepad effortless. The buttons on the mouse also take minimal pressure to click and are spaced out enough not to get mixed up. The two unprogrammable buttons on the mouse are out of the way enough for you not to press them accidentally whilst holding them with you palm and in reach when you need to change quickly (if you are sniping at a long distance for instance). There is a couple of LED’s on the lip of the mouse on the left hand side to indicate either a high or a low DPI mode. This makes it impossible to confuse (red is high for the record) and you won’t suddenly be stuck with a really insensitive mouse when in a tricky situation.

    The QPAD software is also extremely easy to use and its theme goes with the Black and Blue theme of the mouse. You are able to set the functions of the buttons quickly by using the large drop down menus. Whilst the program is extremely basic, it is very easy to use and does the job more than adequately.

    The mouse unfortunately isn’t perfect. Its high cost makes it an unrealistic choice for a first time buyer as there are more suitable mice for a cheaper price. As it is designed with the palm grip in mind, using the other two grips on the mouse doesn’t feel as natural/comfortable, though it is possible. The size of the mouse itself is also a factor to consider. It is slightly on the large side, making it unsuitable for people with smaller hands. There is also no option to change the colour of the scroll wheel from the Blue default, only to turn it off which leaves you stuffed if you have a red-themed case.

    All in all, the advantages (such as the high DPI settings) outweigh the disadvantages (such as the lack of customisation) making it a very good mouse to buy for a first time buyer or a hardcore gamer looking for an upgrade. On another note, the other mice on test are always a threat. This product takes home the prize for the most comfortable mouse.

    Appearance: 4.6/5
    Construction: 4.2/5
    Performance: 4.4/5
    Functionality: 4/5
    Value: 3.8/5

    Overall: 4.2/5

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    1. strudinox's Avatar
      strudinox -
      Excellent writeup!! lots of good detail and pics. The Kone+ seems like an awesome mouse. Too bad they are hard to get here in the US.
    1. Enad's Avatar
      Enad -
      I use teh claw grip!
    1. Spartan's Avatar
      Spartan -
      I've got the Kone+, it's goooood :3
    1. eXile's Avatar
      eXile -
      nice write up man good mice.

      + REP
    1. SJentZ's Avatar
      SJentZ -
      I got the roccat kone, not +, and i do really like it. Although it is really expensive i recommend the kone + (I know the differences) if you can afford it. A budget mouse would be a Intellimouse explorer 3.0....
    1. VictorY23's Avatar
      VictorY23 -
      Got the QPAD 5k and it's awesome, can recommend it for anyone who want awesome comfort for the ring-finger and little-finger. Something that most mouses lack but i find essential!

      Nice write up though
    1. Joe's Avatar
      Joe -
      The Kone + is a great mouse, hence it won. The QPAD was more comfortable but the amazing customisation of the Roccat pulled through. And the voice that tells you when you change DPI

      I change grips depending on what situation I'm in. Mostly Palm though, which is why me and the QPAD glued so well.
    1. Darken1's Avatar
      Darken1 -
      Impressive review!
    1. clamatowas's Avatar
      clamatowas -
      So you liked the Roccat the most hu, I have never even herd of them before.
    1. Lhotse's Avatar
      Lhotse -
      Quote Originally Posted by Spartan View Post
      I've got the Kone+, it's goooood :3
      yes....we know. i'm seem to recall something about a write-up on that.
      i still like my Logitech MX 518 but i may pick up the Storm Sentinal at some point and i use a ....'palm grip' ?
    1. Spartan's Avatar
      Spartan -
      Quote Originally Posted by Llotse View Post
      yes....we know. i'm seem to recall something about a write-up on that.
      i still like my Logitech MX 518 but i may pick up the Storm Sentinal at some point and i use a ....'palm grip' ?
      I use palm grip aswell ;D.
      Yeah, i'll publish the write-up eventually, swamped with exams at the moment
    1. hijump's Avatar
      hijump -
      figertip grip all the way
    1. Zephyroth's Avatar
      Zephyroth -
      I use razer... Its pretty nice too...