• NVIDIA Kepler GK107 Performance Numbers Shown

    When it comes to leaked information we've got some news brought to you by the folks over at Wccftech that noticed NVIDIAís upcoming Kepler, GK107 chip based on the 28nm die sized have been exposed by an unknown user on Youtube, We don't have any information as to who the user was as the video has been promptly taken down. Some did manage to get a few screenshots of the video giving us an inside look at NVIDIA's upcoming entry level GPU.

    TheGPU in the video was an Engineering Sample as seen from the second screenshot of the Device manager screen. The GPU was able to score 3818 Points in 3DMark 11. Judging by the performance numbers above we can assume that the card would most likely be an Entry level part being the successor to GF-116 GTX550 or GF108 GT440. The GK107 GPU was also able to manage a score of 23819 points in 3DMark 06.