• GND Golden Giveaway

    Hey everyone! Today is a big day, GND is very proud to announce it's first major hardware giveaway! There are plenty of prizes to go around, read more to find out what they are and how to enter.


    Welcome to the official GND Golden Giveaway. Without further ado, we're proud to announce the grand prize: a brand new gaming PC! The specifications are as follows.

    • EVGA GTX 580
    • AsRock H55 Micro ATX Motherboard
    • Intel i5 750 @Stock
    • 1TB Samsung F3 + 80GB WD HDD's
    • 4GB OCZ DDR3 @1333Mhz
    • Thermaltake V3 Mid Tower Case

    How does that sound? Good, right?

    So on top of that we're also giving away a brand new EVGA GTX 680 SC. Senior staff member Enad has also donated a GTX 470 to the giveaway. It's in perfect shape, has an EVGA backplate, and still packs a hell of a punch! In addition to the above prizes, L.A. Noire and Portal 2 will be included as filler prizes.

    Here are some pics of the 470:

    This give away will last until (Tuesday the 2nd)

    So as you can see, there are many great prizes in this giveaway! Entry is simple: fill out a short form. There are no other requirements, but the more active you are in our forums, the better chance you have to win!

    There's also a schedule to this giveaway, it is as follows..

    Friday- GTX 470 Winner
    Saturday- L.A. Noire Winner
    Sunday- GTX 680 Winner
    Monday- Portal 2 Winner
    Tuesday-Grand Prize PC Winner

    As you can see, someone will be winning something almost every day! Also, don't worry if you came in a day or two late, you're still eligible to enter, you just might have missed out on a few prizes.


    Once you've made an account here,

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    1. Jakdax's Avatar
      Jakdax -
      Holy fucking what
    1. Boombear's Avatar
      Boombear -
      How is this even possible? :O. Most amazing giveaway I've seen on a site in a long time, especially considering the size of GND!

      I am now kicking myself for letting my activeness slide due to a mass amount of homework (I could handle 10 minutes less than my average 5 hours of sleep each night for a shot at this ^_^)
    1. strudinox's Avatar
      strudinox -
      We've been planning this for a while
    1. ryyppy's Avatar
      ryyppy -
      ^ Dat is amazing
    1. Lhotse's Avatar
      Lhotse -
    1. FreeJet's Avatar
      FreeJet -
      Sweet set of prizes. Thanks folks at gnd-tech for the opportunity and a great tech news and review site.
    1. Djeka4's Avatar
      Djeka4 -
      liked and shared
    1. phenom2's Avatar
      phenom2 -
      thanks for the giveaway )
    1. Pwnography6's Avatar
      Pwnography6 -
      In 4 da win. Good luck all!
    1. ana3mic's Avatar
      ana3mic -
      Dibs on that 680
    1. oasis789's Avatar
      oasis789 -
      eyeing that GTX 680
    1. slugbug55's Avatar
      slugbug55 -
      Very nice prize list.
    1. Jester_ADA's Avatar
      Jester_ADA -
      Wow. Really good stuff, hope to win!
    1. Zystus's Avatar
      Zystus -
      I could really use a new PC! My current one 8 years old... ;_;
    1. n00bete's Avatar
      n00bete -
      great opportunity for us!
    1. Agoneous's Avatar
      Agoneous -
      ...My mother needs a new PC. Would be cool to get this monster so I could give her my older one since all she does is browse the web.
    1. Geo's Avatar
      Geo -
      wow guys...!
    1. jtheater's Avatar
      jtheater -
      I would be happy with anything here. Thanks GND
    1. Kirbeh's Avatar
      Kirbeh -
      This giveaway is ridiculous, it's attracting so many new people! Most of whom will probably never be back XD. I like this site, though, all the reviews and stuff are great reads.
    1. Jester's Avatar
      Jester -
      Quote Originally Posted by Kirbeh View Post
      This giveaway is ridiculous, it's attracting so many new people! Most of whom will probably never be back XD. I like this site, though, all the reviews and stuff are great reads.
      Yep, everything you said is true. Most will certainly disappear afterward, and GND definitely has the best reviews (especially Jester's). Excellent giveaway too.