• QPAD MK-50 Mechanical Keyboard Review

    It's been a while since we looked at a product from QPAD, back when the 5K took the prize for being the most comfortable mouse on test. Two and a half years later QPAD are back on GND, this time with a Mechanical Keyboard by the name of the MK50. According to QPAD's website, the M50 is a "stripped down version of the MK-85, the QPAD MK-50 offers the same rock-solid quality and feel, as its bigger sibling, but without the extras." This is to say, their entry level keyboard and it features MX Cherry Red Switches.

    Before getting into the review, it's a good idea to understand exactly what a mechanical keyboard is and how it's vastly superior to a normal keyboard. This guide from Overclock.net explains it well in detail. For a shorter version, read the following paragraph!

    Mechanical Keyboards don't use the traditional "rubber dome" you would find under the key of the keyboard bundled with your brand new Dell PC. These require you to press the key all the way down to register the keypress. Mechanical keyboards will register the keypress much earlier (depending on the Switch type used) and therefore can be much easier, quicker and more comfortable to type with. Understanding the benefits isn't the easiest, but when you take the leap you will never go back.

    The Red Switches included in the MK-50 are typically described as best for gaming due to the amount of force needed to actuate the key (45g). They have no tactile feedback and the only sound you will here is if you bottom out. This is completely the opposite to Blue's which have a noticable point where the key actuates and you'll hear a sound too.

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