• ArmA 3 Review

    ArmA 3 is a game that's on the tip of every PC gamer's tongue these days. It's a military squad simulator and the latest in the ArmA franchise, which began as the successor to Operation Flashpoint, a legendary PC game. Like all the others, ArmA 3 is a true PC game. There's nothing like it aside from games developed or published by Bohemia Interactive Studio.

    The series always had a very niche market, since they are mil-sims and prove to be too realistic, overwhelming, and difficult for your average gamer. However, the release of Day Z, an MMO-like deathmatch modification for ArmA 2 with zombies thrown in, made the franchise well known around the entire gaming industry. As a result, the series got mainstream attention and a similar modification was released for ArmA 2 and 3, called Wasteland, which is essentially Day Z without the zombies. So now the developers need to satisfy a much larger market, while still keeping true to its roots, which is something other franchises have failed to do. Let's see if ArmA 3 can pull this off.

    If you want a taste of what ArmA is like, and if you're hesitant on purchasing it, check out ArmA 2 Free or ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead demo on Steam. Each one of these has more content than most retail shooters.

    Keep in mind that ArmA 3 is essentially an episodic release, and what we have here is the first release. Buying it will give you three DLCs for free in the future, which will each add a chapter of the official campaign to the game.

    So without further ado, let's take a further look at ArmA 3 and see if it delivers.

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    1. Enad's Avatar
      Enad -
      As always, awesome review.

      ArmA 3 is a bit of a dissapointment just due to the lack of content and re-use of models. It's unfortunate that this happened but ArmA 3 still came out really well.
    1. fox's Avatar
      fox -
      Great review.

      The building interior thing is a big deal to me, because it makes the game feel like one giant training facility. In ArmA 2, and especially in OA, the buildings were filled with crap, from beds to hookah pipes.

      I'm ok with the game overall since I didn't pay much for it. I don't expect a super good release from BI either, so I can wait.
    1. Jester's Avatar
      Jester -
      Quote Originally Posted by fox View Post

      The building interior thing is a big deal to me, because it makes the game feel like one giant training facility. I
      Yeah that's a great way of putting it. Unless they release a DLC that shows the alien-furniture invasion, I will remain disappointed.