• Eye-Fi Mobi 8GB Review

    The Mobi is unlike most other SD cards. Whilst it still saves photos in the normal way, it lets you access them in a completely different way. Included in the card is a WiFi hotspot that you can access with a smartphone or tablet app (IOS / Android / Kindle Fire). The process is extremely simple; all you have to do is pair your smartphone to the card using the 10 digit key.

    After that itís a simple matter of keeping your camera (providing it is supported Ė check by following this link) close to your camera for the best signal and therefore best transfer and watch the magic happen. Itís as simple as that and thereís not much more to say!

    Apart from some fiddly packaging, the only downside to this is the price. Itís available on for £32 on Amazon but you can get a standard card for £5. Youíre paying six times the price for the extra accessibility. If you find yourself having to show people preview frequently (such as a wedding photographer) then the extra cost would be justified.

    • Capacity: 8GB is plenty for most people's use, and depending on your camera resolution can probably survive a week's holiday. 21/25
    • Packaging: If you don't mind ripping packaging, you'll be fine. There's certainly no way the SD card will ever fall out though! 20/25
    • Ease of Use: Using the card is as simple as putting it in. Using the App is as simple as turning the camera on and entering your 10 digit code. 25/25
    • Value: The Mobi is quite expensive in comparison to other SD card and has few direct competitors. You're paying for the ease of use, which is superb! 16/25
    • Overall: 82/100

    The Eye-Fi Mobi receives a bronze award and an honourable memorable mention for a perfect score for ease of use!

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    1. strudinox's Avatar
      strudinox -
      That's.... actually pretty cool :O

      Expensive for a 8GB, but considering what it can do, that's not a bad price.
    1. Joe's Avatar
      Joe -
      Yeah that's what would be considered a deal breaker for most. Otherwise it's great!